Dental Hygiene

Like many canines, Gilligan suffers from the occasional pup-style halitosis, AKA…


Combine this with his love of non-stop kisses, and you’ve got a bit of a dilemma that makes the need for doggie dental hygiene even more critical. Unless, of course, you can avoid Gilly’s barrage of smooches… good luck with that. Yeah, he likes to aim for the nose…


What we needed was a solid dental hygiene plan…

Cleanings at the vet can be expensive, sometimes even more than a human dental cleaning (I know, right? Ridiculous!). On top of that, dachshunds do tend to be at risk for periodontitis and other gum and tooth infections that can, over time, jeopardize your pup’s teeth, put him or her in serious mouth pain, and make your dog-breath situation go from bad to much, much worse.


So it is important to maintain routine upkeep and brush those lovely doxie chompers regularly. Especially if you let them go, in addition to the above long-term risks, they can begin to build plaque and make for a more intense job for your doggy dentist down the road.

Unfortunately, Gilly hates your conventional human toothbrush.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.33.20 PM

After a good bit of struggling, we finally manage to get through one brushing session with Gilly, but there’s still some work to do to make progress against the existing build-up on his teeth, and get back on track towards great dental health. With just the first session being such a challenge, we needed a more sustainable approach that Gilligan would be willing to sit through time again.

So, we decided to explore the Pro Dental Dog Finger Toothbrush. Those puppies (pun intended) are roughly $2 per Finger.

Next, throw in your toothpaste. About $14 including shipping for a CET Vanilla Mint toothpaste tube (70 mg), which will hopefully make Gilly’s teeth cleaner and his breath just as lovely as the thought behind the kisses.


Long story short, it’s “mission accomplished:” our favorite sausage dog really took to the finger brush MUCH better than to the handheld toothbrush; he just can’t get enough of the vanilla mint toothpaste; and now his breath is actually pretty enjoyable, even when he goes to bury his tongue halfway down your nose!

We’ll be putting this kit to good use to keep that breath under control. Keep the kisses coming!


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