Gilly Meets Doctor Who


We all know this face. In addition to saying, “I love you,” it is also saying, “I’m bored. Please play with me!” In order to enjoy long-lasting good health, any pup needs a good regimen of active playtime (hopefully at least a solid 30 minutes of activity each day).


That said, Gilligan is very picky about the types of play activities he likes to get into. Unlike a lot of dachshunds, “ball” is of zero interest to our wiggly friend. Take a look at what happens when we try…

Needless to say, Gilligan was not having a ball.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 5.22.05 PM

All puns aside, we’ve established that as far as play goes, Gilly loves running around in fields and pools (that’s around pools, NOT in them), and of course playing with anything edible (really, just eating it). But it was a bit of a struggle finding something that he truly enjoys playing with.


Gilly used to like his blue bone toy, but it has since lost its squeak and no longer carries any interest.


We needed a new toy for our little doxie, so we shopped around and made a very wise choice…


Introducing: Doctor Who, Gilly’s new squeaky owl toy and best friend (after us humans of course)!

Gilly took to Doctor Who right away. Maybe it was because of his fresh squeak, or because the two both share large round eyes and a beautiful brown coat in common. Either way, it was love at first sight.


Toy success, at last!

That still leaves the matter of finding a good sport for Gilly to get into. Luckily, he is a natural sprinter.

In our next play-themed post, we’ll show you how Gilly practices his “dachshund dash” form. See you then!





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