Gilly Beans, Gilly Weens… what to be this Howly Ween?

Howdy, Friends!

Our lovable little dachshund has been compared to many things in his lifetime, but did you ever stop to consider why? The diversity of Gilly’s forms points to one of his many amazing powers:


That’s right. Obviously this gives him quite the edge this season when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. Let’s explore some of his usual shapes here:

1. Foods

Gilligan is so cute that he often elicits the playful utterance, “I’m going to EAT you!” followed by ridiculously silly “munchy-kisses” and cuddles that are too graphic to depict here. There are two major Gilligan food groups: the “Gilly Ween” and the “Gilly Bean.”

GILLY WIENER #gillyweens

This one is obvious. He’s a wiener dog, and it’s no surprise that his standard shape-shift is the form of a breakfast sausage link, which he achieves by simply standing up on all fours with his back straightened out. This phenomenon is known as the “Gilly Ween,” and is responsible for earning Gilligan his main nickname, “Weens.”

GILLY BEAN #gillybeans

Secondly is the “Gilly Bean.” No, not a jelly bean, a Gilly Bean (silly). He pulls this one off by curling into a little ball, his favorite pose for nap time, lap time, and all other manners of snoozes and sleeps that require maximizing body warmth and coziness. Using this maneuver, Gilligan morphs magically into the Phaseolus lunatus, commonly known as the “lima bean.” Currently he has only mastered the “Christmas lima bean,” shown above.

2. Animals

Weens’s animal repertoire is rather extensive. Below are the major animals that he can imitate with precision.

GILLY RABBIT #gillyrabbit

His powers of rabbit mimicry are nothing short of… hare-raising. Beyond being naturally gifted at imitating the shape of a rabbit (see how perfectly his legs match), Gilly is able to truly channel this power animal and be the bunny.

That is to say, his impression goes well beyond appearances and crosses over even to the traits of super speed and… other traits which are once again too graphic for this blog.

If you’ve missed the short video demonstrating Gilly’s super-canine abilities to dash like a rabbit, click on the image to the left or the link below to check out the video:




Next on the list? I say, “Zee-bra,” you say, “Zeb-ra…” let’s leave the debate to Debra. Gilly utilizes complex light reflectance tricks in order to achieve this rather challenging shift. See below!

GILLY ZEBRA #gillyzeeb

It quacks like a duck. It waddles like a duck. But brother… it aint’ a duck! Gilly’s next impersonation would have you thinking he is ready for a swim in your local pond (sorry, folks! he still hates the water)! The resemblance is so spot on that you might suspect… fowl play!

GILLY DUCK #gillyduck
MEER-WEEN #meerween

Our last animal is a favorite among dachshunds the world over, but before we show it we must warn you: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This move is difficult to perform, and not particularly good for a dachshund’s back. If you have a doxie at home, make sure not to encourage this behavior as it could lead to spinal problems earlier in your dog’s life. Disclaimer aside, please enjoy the “Meer-Ween,” a near perfect copy of the meerkat.

“Meer-Ween” is also an acceptable substitute for the “come!” command for your dachshund. i.e. – Instead of saying, “Gilly, come!” it is equally effective to cry, “Meer, Ween!” Gilligan responds to both.

Get along, little [prarie] dogie! 



3. Classic Halloween Costumes

We will only show one example here, but suffice it to say, choosing the classic vampire look would be just too easy for Gilly. His fangs are able to quickly meet the needs of any Dracula or werewolf costume.

GILLY VAMPIRE #gillyfangs

He also hates broomsticks, so the witch or warlock costume is out this year as well. We’re just going to have to get creative…

So there you have it. Another one of Gilly’s many secrets, and you heard it here first! What, oh what will he choose to be for Halloween this year? Guess we’ll have to wait and see (or, feel free to Like his Facebook Page today and leave suggestions there if you please)!

We’ll keep you pup-dated!


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