Lil’ Ween – Yapper’s Delight

Greetings, dachshund lovers!

This year’s Halloween festivities were a whole lot of fun for Gilligan, letting him dress up as rapper Lil’ Wayne, and even produce a music video parody of the song “A Milli,” called “I’m Gilly” by Lil’ Ween (of course).

During the making of the video, there were a few challenges that probably aren’t apparent when you watched it the first time. As we explored in an earlier post, Gilligan isn’t a huge fan of playing fetch with a ball. Much to the frustration of the video’s director, he is particularly good at only playing fetch when no one is trying to capture him on video, so the shots for the verse describing him playing fetch had to be treated with special effects (you can probably tell now if you rewatch it).

Also, despite how cute the costume looks,  getting shots of Gilly wearing it was tough, to say the least. The shoes didn’t fit well enough to stay on for very long, the hat was a bit large and required constant readjustment, and he had a tendency to try to chew at the gold rock guitar chain. Introducing food and treats into the mix definitely helped to capture some of those moments that called for more precise actions on his part.

Then there were happy accidents, like the shot of Gilly rolling around on the grass outside in his costume, “dancing” with his shoes on, and the clip of him shaking his hat and wig all around. All and all, HalloWEEN was a blast this year for Weens, and Gilly is looking forward to seeing how he does in the Celebrity Dachshund Costume Contest. There is stiff competition, with other entries including Tootsie Rolls, a unicorn, the “Pups in Black,” and much more, but we’ll see!

Ever since the music video, though, Gilligan has adopted some curious mannerisms borrowed from the rap world.

First, there are a couple of fashion choices he’s made, beyond the obvious costumed fun of dreadlocks, “lid,” sneakers, and gold rock guitar chain.

When he’s out “on the street,” Gilly has taken to wearing a big puffy jacket to enhance his physical stature.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.23.41 AM

He has also become a fan of wearing hoodies…


… although, someone should probably explain to him where to get one in his size! As cozy as Papa’s hoodie was for a mid-afternoon nap, tunneling through the sleeve proved to be a bit of a tight squeeze, and getting back out of the hoodie was a bit of an ordeal.

Fashion quirks aside, Gilly’s love affair with hip-hop has gone hand-in-hand with a couple of positive lifestyle changes for his health.

Here he is getting involved in some squats:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.35.54 AM

He has also been enjoying extended walks with the encouragement of a spectacular app called ResQWalk, the app that lets you track your walk miles and earn donations to local pet shelters and rescue organizations. Gilligan is all about, “giving back to his homies.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.39.22 AM

For you health nuts out there, we’ll get into some of the details of these positive physical activities next time, where we explore the, “Wide World of Wiener Dog Workouts!” …Or should that be, “Long World?”

See you next time!


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