The Wide World of Wiener Dog Workouts!

Howdy, friends!

You know, ever since Gilligan was featured in a hip hop music video, like many popular rappers he’s become super fixated on the importance of physical fitness to how he looks, how he feels, and his fans’ enjoyment. After all, he’s got to look good for the camera!

Donning his personalized nautical WAGS AHOY “muscle shirt,” Gilly suits up and gets ready for today’s workout.


Push-ups would be too easy since he is already permanently in the “dropped” stance to begin with. To keep an appropriate level of challenge, he’ll be focusing instead on outdoor running (to build on his previous dachshund dash training) and squats, with the help of his human personal trainer team.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.32.19 PM

After these warm-ups, he hopes to be able to get started on some weight-lifting! OH YEAH!

Well, so much for weight-lifting… with a full muscle pump already making him nearly burst through his shirt from the warm-up alone, Gilly is positively pooped after a rigorous workout! Maybe we’ll move on to weights next time…


… or maybe not. 😉

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9 thoughts on “The Wide World of Wiener Dog Workouts!

    1. Just imagine if I had tried to take on that 35lb dumbbell in the cover photo. My math’s not great, but I think weighing 11lbs + attempting to lift 35lbs = probable sever injury! Yipes! Lucky for me I have good personal trainers 🙂


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