Gilly’s Peak Foliage Adventure

Ah, Autumn in New England…

As the leaves turn brilliant gold and red and orange, and fall from the trees into piles of rustling play-fun, and the temperature drops slowly but surely toward the chill of winter, Gilligan gravitates more and more to the warmth of family and the coziness of home. As he watches television in the den with cousin Mitzie, Papa, and Pop, the holiday spirit seeps in, and Weens starts to reflect on what he’s thankful for.


Turkey is right around the corner, and certainly Gilly is grateful for yummy foods, but what he’s most thankful for of all things, is adventure! So before the weather gets too cold, before the snow blankets the parks and Gilligan follows suit by retreating under his own blankets at home as often as possible, it’s time to set out in search of the most beautiful day of the year: The Peak Foliage.

20141113_083828                   The morning was perfect.


Papa brought Gilligan out to his favorite park early, while the sun was shimmering across the fallen leaves and colorful canopies. They started the day with selfies to commemorate the good times. Surely this was the best day the season had to offer, the pinnacle of autumn beauty.


As the walk continued, the views got more and more breathtaking.



I’m so happy to spend this lovely day with you!



The next day began gray and with light showers. The temperature had dropped down to sweater weather. Gilly set out on his daily walk expecting things to be just a little less warm and sunny, a little less ideal, dreaming of the morning before. Surely the winter was on its way now, and each day would be a little less pleasant than the last. Surely, the peak was over.

Miraculously though, the grayness cleared, and the sun came through the leaves of the trees in even more brilliant color than the day before.


If the day before was Peak Foliage, this day was Foliage Mount Everest! Gilligan had to take a minute to just sit on a park bench and stare, letting the sun’s rays warm him through his cozy green sweater, marveling at the rainbow of leaves…


Rainbow sunshine… even the shade of this tree, its branches hanging wiener dog-low to the ground, was warm and golden.


It is a wonderful life indeed. 🙂






3 thoughts on “Gilly’s Peak Foliage Adventure

  1. Hi Gilligan! Its so nice to meet another blogging Doxie! You are adorable! Do you know Chester and Gretel from You look a lot like Gretel. Also, BlogPaws has a Wordless Wednesday blog hop, have you joined in yet? Its a great way to meet new pals. If you visit my blog today you’ll see the hop. Love Dolly


    1. Hi Dolly 🙂

      Yes, Gretel and I are “twinsie weens!” I have not met her or Chester personally because we are in very different parts of the country, but I am a huge fan of the Blog! Funn you mention: My owner was actually on your blog earlier today and saw the blog hop… but, being a human, he could not figure it out! Would you mind sending him a message on the BlogPaws site with more information about how he can join in? I guess he saw something on there and thought the blog hop was closed, then had trouble figuring out where we should put the code on this site.

      Yay! Teckel buddies!

      P.S. – Did you know that they call us “Teckel” in Germany? They don’t even say “Dachshund” there anymore!


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