Camouflaged Capers – Thanksgiving in T-minus 1 Week

Well, the Peak Foliage has passed, and if there were a distinction between “Autumn” and “Fall,” it seems pretty clear that this time of year would now be “Fall,” with “Autumn” just behind us.

With the trees looking a lot more bare than they did just a week ago, and the temperatures dropping dramatically, it seemed this week that the only things left to do for the season were to prepare for Thanksgiving and start dreaming of turkey.

Then, Gilligan remembered the fabulous camouflage scarf that Papa got him a couple of months back. Looking out at the leaves on the ground, it seemed that this week, even with the leaves fallen as they were, would offer the perfect opportunity to sport this new fashion and “blend right in…” quite literally!



Sure enough, getting out into the brisk fall landscape proved that Gilligan’s stealth gear was in perfect working order, and that his camouflage skills are second to none.


Let’s play a little game of “Where’s Weenie,” shall we? 🙂


Gilligan found that the tactic of closing his eyes was especially helpful in hiding…



Perhaps Gilly’s disguise will help him to sneak up on an unsuspecting squirrel down by the river…


Eh, no such luck. Those squirrels are always a step ahead!

All in all, the attempt to squeeze in one last epic “autumn” adventure before the Turkey Day festivities was a roaring success.


Now where’s that yummy bird?


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10 thoughts on “Camouflaged Capers – Thanksgiving in T-minus 1 Week

    1. Awww. 😀

      By the way, we just checked out Jones Natural Chews website… holy kibbles! That jingle is outrageously good! Are there any promotional opportunities I could get involved in? *wags*


  1. As I have brown dawgs that tend to blend in, I am an excellent dog-blender-in spotter….lol. But boy does Gilligan blend into the leaves! It has been so windy here that all our leaves have blown away (which did not make hubby too unhappy). Of course now we have snow!

    Thanks so much for joining the hop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for hosting it! Looking forward to more in the future! Yes, we could do without the leaves to rake, but we’ll be snowbound right there with you pretty shortly. I don’t like the cold, but on the bright side I love sweaters and snuggles!


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