Tongues Ahoy! Bacony Birthday Preparations!

So, above is our first participation in #TongueOutTuesday, which is the perfect excuse to publish this outtake photo from Gilly’s recent Peak Foliage Adventure just a couple of weeks back.

Now on to the real scoop (literally… there is a scoop involved if you scroll down)… Tomorrow is Gilligan’s birthday! Yay!

This will be the first birthday he’ll be celebrating in his new home with his furever family. The question has come up of what kind of special treat to get for him, and it seems like the winner is going to be what every dog craves, pretty much all the time: tasty food!

The Thanksgiving teasing has already begun with a “not-for-pups” smorgasbord during a “friendsgiving” feast last weekend.


Luckily, Gilly scored a nice consolation prize as part of the deal for being such a good boy with all the company over. See Weens parade around proudly with a yummy rawhide bone strip he was given in order to hold him over.

This Tasty Tuesday, while Mama is shopping for something singularly scrumptious to commemorate another seven dog years of our precious pup’s life, such as a pupcake, grain-free goodies, a nice hopefully long-lasting bone, etc…. Papa has taken Gilligan’s daily food and made a deliciously elegant gift that’s an instant hit:

Bacon-wrapped kibble!


It was so simple to make, with just two basic ingredients that Gilly loves, no nonsense. This new bag of bacon-wrapped “nuggets” is already finding its way smoothly into the daily training routine. What better way to reward that good behavior?

Of course, it is important only to take a few pieces of this treat out on a walk, rather than the whole bag, or things could get ugly with other dogs in the park! Not to mention that bacon is best enjoyed in moderation.

Check in with us on Gilly’s birthday tomorrow, where we’ll be posting a Wordless Wednesday triumphant treat pic revealing what delectable gift he receives on his special day!

For he’s a jolly good boy! 😀


This is a Blog Hop! Special thanks to Kol’s Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever for hosting Tasty Tuesday!


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