Gilly Still Doesn’t Like Ball!

In the wake of this week’s holiday yumminess, it seemed like Gilligan’s whole family, himself and his cousin Mitzie included, was is need of a nap. Of course, this time of year with its feasts featuring mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and couch potatoes, only highlights the need for regular exercise to maintain good physical and mental health for dogs and humans alike.

There was a good amount of snow on the ground where Gilly was staying in New England this week, and while for some pups the snow is no deterrent from outdoor play, for Weens his sensitivity to cold and wet meant that he went Thanksgiving day without a walk. Oh no! Come the evening, he had plenty of pent-up energy for playtime, when he actually chose to demonstrate his amazing ball skills… with no camera in sight!

Now, we’ve covered in a previous Video Adventure post that Gilligan is not a huge fan of playing Ball.

The truth is, he is actually exceptional at fetch… but very selective about when he chooses to play (and which rules he decides to follow even when he does). This Thanksgiving holiday was no exception.

Unfortunately, we can’t show you his fetch skills here today, because Gilly appears to consistently refuse to play ball when the camera is rolling. Well, we can show you what he does instead:

Looks like this round goes to cousin Mitzie!


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6 thoughts on “Gilly Still Doesn’t Like Ball!

  1. My sisters and I don’t play ball. I won’t even touch a ball, Katie sometimes grabs one but no fetch and the same with Bailie. We prefer chase games. Mom can fetch the ball herself if it is really so much fun!


    1. That makes me feel so much better! We were out in the park with our friend Cassie the golden retriever, and let me tell you, she could play for the Boston Red Sox. A bit humbling watching her in action!


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