King of Cuddles – Five Funny “Cuddle Comms”

When it comes to being cuddly, Gilligan simply will not be outdone. As a top snuggler, he takes every opportunity to assert his reign as the supreme King of Cuddles, even if it means causing a little mischief…

Weens is so advanced with his cuddle craft, he is on a level where he finds ways to express himself through his affectionate acts. Today, we will explore 5 such “Cuddle Comms,” or cuddle-based communications.

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1. I want you with me, always!

Like many pups Gilly just loves sitting on his Mama and Papa’s clothing, even when… *ahem* especially when there is plenty of other space to curl up in (if you’re interested in this phenomenon check out this article by What About Dogs?). And so Mama’s green hoodie becomes the first choice for spots on the newly-made human bed, while Papa’s grey hoodie makes the perfect comfort blanket in the dog bed!


2. There is no need to travel without me!

Gilly loves travel, and he is especially jealous when Mama or Papa go traveling, and forget to invite him. It was only natural that when Mama brought home a souvenir neck pillow from Curaçao, he immediately showed her that he can serve the same function and that, as in all matters, her pup should come first. To do so, he used a variation of the “Gilly bean,” one of his classic Gilligan morphs (explored in this previous post).

20141201_132024SONY DSC

3. Need to check out my latest posts? Let me get that for you!

When relaxing at his Mimi’s house, Gilligan noticed that she had left her glasses and cell phone out of reach on the ottoman. Knowing that she was not feeling well, and that she would need both of these items in order to check out his latest online features, Weens sprung to the rescue to retrieve the necessary gear.SONY DSCSONY DSC

Looks like my work here is done 🙂
4. The human bed belongs to me; you’re just a tenant.

Actions speak louder than words, and by his actions Gilligan stakes his claim as the undisputed landlord of all human beds and couches. When humans use any of these pieces of relaxation furniture, they are signing up to serve the needs of the King of Cuddles, by providing him with extra body warmth and allowing themselves to be used as his personal pillow pedestal.  Long live The Ween!



5. You can always count on me as your loyal friend!

Last, and certainly not least, in an uncanny moment of concise cuddly communication, Gilligan recently curled up under a blanket all on his own, to show Papa a very special message in plain English:


And yes, that’s an authentic Gilly bean under there!

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3 thoughts on “King of Cuddles – Five Funny “Cuddle Comms”

  1. Love that nickname! Gilly Bean and Daisy have a LOT in common. I love that photo of him resting his head on your shoulder! (Years ago, we had a guinea pig whose favorite cuddle spot was on my shoulder or my daughter’s shoulder, nestled underneath our hair! 🙂

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