Over the River and Through the Woods – Epic Walk!

Happy Friday!SONY DSC

Well, it’s FitDog Friday again, and that makes for the perfect opportunity to share all the details about Gilligan’s epic walk today!

Now, there’s a positive side to this story, and a negative one. We always like to start with bad news first, so you can walk away feeling warm and fuzzy at the end, so here goes:

The Problem

This week, Gilligan missed walks two days in a row (on Wednesday, and then Thursday)! This may not sound like a big deal, but if you own a dog, chances are you know that a regular routine of daily exercise can be critical to your dog’s health, as well as to his temperament and behavior (which couldn’t be more true for Gilly).

Today we’re going to share a bunch of fun material about what is essentially a “catch-up” walk: a longer walk with more adventuring, more training, more lovely sunshiny moments… just overall more activity to make up for being cooped up for the past couple of days.

“Oh, you need a moment to get ready in the bathroom before we go?”
“Yeah, I really don’t care. You know how long I’ve been waiting? C’mon c’mon C’MON!”

That said, we’re going to cap off the “negative side” of this story by saying that this is not recommended over a regular routine of daily exercise (30 to 60 minutes is typical for a wide range of breeds; Gilly desires about 30 due to his small size). Skimping on frequency of walks can make your dog visibly more anxious and can exacerbate unwanted poor behaviors. Moreover, taking on “epic walks” like this isn’t recommended as a frequent practice for smaller dachshunds like Gilligan, as it takes less exercise to wear him out than for bigger dogs, and over-exercise carries its own set of health risks.

Now for the fun part!

The Epic Adventure

Gilligan and Papa set out on today’s epic walk prepared with a bag of those delicious homemade bacon treats we’ve been talking about, and their trusty camera.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Papa, I hope you won’t get mad if I ‘excitey-pee’ all over this cushion!”

You see, part of the plan in setting out on such a long walk involved preparing to stop and take photos frequently. This served to curb some exhaustion, while also allowing for opportunities for obedience training (more on the training topic next Tuesday)!


The first photo op came with this lovely holiday decorated tree. The act of posing for this photo also allowed Weens to show off his “sit” and “stay” skills, which was truly impressive given how early in the walk this happened and how much of a challenge it surely was for him to sit still.


The next demonstration of sitting was the super-critical intersection stop. No set of proper behaviors is quite as important for Gilligan’s safety as his ability to sit still in the face of motor vehicle traffic, waiting patiently for it to pass and following Papa’s cues for when it is safe to cross. Despite his eagerness to reach the park, Gilly did a great job with this today as well.

“I look both ways before crossing the road and wait for my Papa. Weens ain’t no fool!”

Murphy’s Law says that anything that can happen, will happen. And as per the Law, it was not long into the walk in the park where Papa dropped the bag of bacon treats! NOOO!!!

He was distracted by a conversation with a kind stranger, who took interest in Gilligan and invited him and Papa to walk with him while he shared some training tips. Papa was also distracted by how amazingly well-behaved Gilligan was while they strolled with the stranger.

SONY DSCLuckily, Gilly’s keen sense of smell led them back to the coveted treats soon after they retraced their steps, and they were pleased to find them untouched. Thank Dog!

Next, they ventured up the river and encountered quite a beautiful scene…


If you tuned in with us for our Pool Party Blog posts a couple of months back, you’ll know that Gilly is not a fan of getting wet and generally doesn’t like the water.


That said, today Papa took Gilly down by the river bank for some “exposure therapy,” allowing him to experience the joy and serenity of taking a moment to relax by the water.


“Ok, I guess this is pretty nice. 🙂 “
“I am going to close my eyes and make a wish for this walk to never end!”


“Can we go see the river from the other side?”
“Alright, Papa. Apology accepted.”

The next leg of their epic journey before heading home took them through their favorite bridge pathway.






The shining sun and dry winter air made this usually marshy path distinctly crisp and lovely. The bridge is also perfect training grounds for Gilly’s “heel” technique, but we’ll leave that to your imagination until our episode on training.  😉




With the grand walk winding down, there’s just enough time for a brief lesson on natural sciences…




Followed by one final stop to catch up on all the pee-mail that was flooding Gilligan’s inbox…

“Wow, a special bulletin! They’re wondering where I’ve been!”
“…and, ‘Reply All’ … Better let them know I’m ok!”


Here’s wishing everyone a great Friday, and reminding you to stay active with your pawsome friends! 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods – Epic Walk!

    1. Busy schedule (Papa had an appointment on Thursday). We’re probably looking at needing to get a walker to help out in the near future to keep the routine consistent and prevent further lapses.


    1. Papa made sure to secure the baggie in the pocket with the button on it for the rest of the trip, so he learned that lesson! Different story, but he also let his cell phone fall out of the same pocket, right into the river! It is apparently waterproof, but finding out the hard way looked nerve-racking!


  1. You are just way too cute! So glad you get out and get good walks as it is so important! That sure must have set off a panic when the bacon treats went missing. Good you were along to find them again. Thanks for joining in the FitDog Friday hop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! We will investigate, since I tend to get a little bored with the traditional tennis ball. Have a great weekend, and check out our additional photos from the walk just released in sepia this morning (this hour)!


  2. Good job on being so well behaved Gilligan. That looks like a wonderful walk. Thanks goodness the treats were found!

    I will admit that we really don’t walk our dogs all that much. This time of year is tough for us because it is dark by the time we finish work so we can’t get out to do our field training.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not easy! We miss days because of schedules or because of the cold/weather fairly often right around this time of year, too. We try not to let it go for two days in a row, and if we absolutely can’t go out, try to play some games in the house that get me running around a little bit (more options for that when you’re little like me).


    1. It was no walk in the park… oh wait, that’s exactly what it was, in all senses! Yeah, we had a lovely time despite a couple of dramatic moments. Thanks for tuning in! 🙂


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