A Wiener Wonderland!

Christmas is just one week away! Can you believe it?

If you’re anything like Gilligan, chances are you still have a couple of gifts to prepare in advance of the holidays. That said, it is really beginning to look a whole lot like Christmas now, as this week has already seen an uptick in presents from Santa!

Our Christmas card among others that a friend of ours received. 🙂


We’ve all heard that the “gift of giving” is better than that of receiving. While that might sound like nonsense at first, one of the biggest and most heart-warming gifts we’ve received so far this season has been word from friends that they received the Christmas cards Gilligan sent out! We’re looking forward to hearing back as more people receive theirs.




Just yesterday, Mama came home with a super special surprise, given to her by a “secret Santa” at her office: a beautiful pendant tree ornament, featuring the likeness of none other than our four-legged fur-cherub himself.

It’s hard to believe this angelic photo was cropped from the photo we published earlier this week of Gilligan “going vogue” in a backdrop of black leather.

Needless to say, we here at WagsAhoy.com will go on record right here to say that this is easily the best secret Santa gift of all time, paws down.


But that’s not all! Mama also came home with these wonderful holiday shirts in celebration of our favorite Ween.




That’s right: “shirts,” plural. We’ll show you a fuller photo with the whole family in an upcoming post.

The fact that Santa was able to swing by and drop off these gifts over a week in advance of the real holiday has resulted in a boost to Gilligan’s already rather healthy ego.


To make sure he didn’t lose sight of the work yet to be done, we spent some time playing around with stocking stuffer ideas…

“Hmmm, what would be the perfect gift to put in the stocking? It needs to be the right size to fit in it…”
“Look, I know what you’re thinking. Not gonna happen!

… alright, fine! *sigh* How do you work this thing?” 


“Did I do it right? I feel like I’m getting nowhere with this…”


“This stocking stuff is getting a little tired…”


“Come next week, I won’t be the only thing under this tree!”
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21 thoughts on “A Wiener Wonderland!

  1. Those are really cool shirts! I loved all of those photographs of you Gilly trying to figure out that stocking thingy. Loved the one of your head inside the stocking! I should try making a sweatshirt with our dogs on it! (I think I can use freezer paper & fabric paint to do it) I love the holiday spirit all of you are in!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have not yet done the freezer paper thing, but all you do is cutout your design on freezer paper with an xacto knife, lay it on your shirt, lightly iron it down so it sticks to the shirt, then dab your fabric paint on. Let dry. Check out my Pinterest board to find the more detailed info.

        Liked by 1 person

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