Swan Therapy, Mimi’s House, and Latin Relatives

Happy FitDog Friday!

In posts of Fridays past (yes, we’re saying it like that because Christmas is less than a week away!), we’ve talked about the importance of maintaining routine exercise for its positive effects on your dog’s health, but also on his behavior.

An exercised pup is a content pup is a calm pup, and if you have a dog who, like Gilligan, can exhibit some social behavioral challenges such as barking or growling at strangers, maintaining daily exercise is likely to be a good tool for improving these behaviors.

This week, just in time for the holidays Gilligan had a special opportunity to meet some family who are visiting from Santo Domingo! More about that below, but first…  To ensure that he was ready for this encounter, which would occur at the house of Gilly’s “Mimi,” aka the Mama-of-Papa, he released some of his energy for the day on a walk with Papa.

Swans on the River

The walk wasn’t all fun and games, though. Papa was pretty serious about focusing on the “Heel” command, offering plenty of structure and correction that helped Gilligan see some progress throughout the walk. With it being a relatively intense training day, it helped that the walk was broken up with a little sight-seeing when the two encountered a lovely gaggle of swans on the river.

This became a meditation for both human and canine which set the tone for a nice calm evening later on.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.47.54 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.48.39 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.48.14 AM
Whose bum is cuter in this photo: Gilligan’s or the diving swan’s?

Mimi’s house is always a real treat, and so Gilligan has become noticeably excited to travel whenever the opportunity arises. See how he reacts when the mere mention of a trip to Mimi’s house arises in this video:

More about our visitors from Central America: one of them is “Ita,” aka the Mama-of-the-Mama-of-Papa, and the other is the Sister-of-the-Mama-of-Papa (whew!), who is also the Mama to Gilligan’s older cousin Mozart, the Dominican longhair Dachshund. Let’s explore more before we show you the fun Gilly had at Mimi’s.

Dominican Dachshund Fun!
A photo of Mozart from 2005. He was closer to Gilligan’s age then.

As the following photos of Mimi with Mozart will demonstrate: A baby ween is a baby ween… is a baby ween!


Spanish Lessons – Some Dachshund Vocab

Salchicha: Literal translation is “sausage;” this is the popular common name for the Dachshund for Spanish speakers the world over.

Chi chi: In the Dominican Republic, this term is used to mean a baby. It can also mean a mother’s teat and is usually used in reference to a young, breast-feeding babe. There are many other uses and definitions of this term that vary dramatically across different Spanish-speaking cultures, and range from cutesy to vulgar.

Salchichi: Our very own compound word, created here at WagsAhoy.com (©2014), which translates to “baby ween.” See above photos.

Primo: A cousin, which we can use to describe the relationship between Mozart and Gilligan.

Mimi’s House

Weens was delighted to arrive at Mimi’s house, and admired the lovely Christmas decorations, including a tree that was mini, just like him…


… a cute blue peacock-feather wreath…


… and other lovely holiday arrangements.


When meeting his Dominican relatives, Gilligan was on his best behavior. He listened attentively as Ita told a story of a Dachshund she had when she was a girl of 15 years old, which none of the other humans had heard before.

After he behaved so well, Gilly was rewarded with a surprise from Mimi: newly decorated human beds, one with a commemorative pillow just for him!



“Teddy likes me better when I’ve gotten my exercise, too!”

And so it is that we celebrate a successful introduction between Gilligan and his relatives from the very deep South! Here’s wishing you and yours a warm and bright remainder of 2014.

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19 thoughts on “Swan Therapy, Mimi’s House, and Latin Relatives

  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit. Mimi’s tree is beautiful. I agree that exercising dogs with plenty of structure is a great way to deal with dogs that may have some behavioral issues. It also helps them burn off steam. Our dogs are always better behaved after a workout. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like you had the perfect plan, and that it went exactly as you wanted. What a good boy Gilligan was meeting the relatives! We are going to try the same kind of thing with Luke when we have company the day after Christmas. A nice long walk to hopefully relax him for when people start to arrive (I wish we had some place to walk where we could see some swans though!).

    Liked by 1 person

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