Sugarplum Sausage


With the rest of the family getting ready for the holidays and rocking out to Christmas jingle jams, Gilligan decides to “supervise” from a more comfortable vantage point. Lucky for him, dozing on the job is fully acceptable.

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23 thoughts on “Sugarplum Sausage

      1. I hear ya on that one! Daddy finally wrapped Mommy’s presents last night and Nikita and Bella supervised his gift wrapping. They probably were waiting for something to “squeak” again, but Mommy does not get gifts with squeakers in them! LOL

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      2. That’s smart, BOL! There’s something under the tree that I can’t hear, but let me tell you I can smell it! I don’t want Santa to feel bad, but… I could tell you what it is. The nose knows!


      3. That is so true, the nose always knows! A neighbor of ours dropped off Christmas presents for us on Friday and she always puts toys in the bag for the dogs too. Once that package was in the house, they wanted that bag so badly! How in the heck can you smell a rope toy in a gift bag? All Mommy saw in the bag was a bottle of wine, she never saw the toys! LOL

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