Weens of a Feather Squeak Together

Ahoy there, furiends!

In the wake of the Christmas holiday, we mentioned that there was one last gift left to be revealed. This is one of those “last, but not least” situations, where we show you Gilligan’s favorite of the gifts he received this year… *drum roll*

The Plush Loofa Dog Squeaky Toy by Multipet!*


Now, this is by no means an unknown product. Quite the contrary: this squeaky toy has been around for a bit and is ubiquitous at pet stores, etc.

That said, if you know Gilligan, you know that it can be a challenge to keep him interested in toys, Ball, fetch, etc.


Perhaps it is the elongated shape that really resonates with Gilly. Perhaps it’s the fresh squeaky noise. Whatever the reason (or combinations of reasons) might be, Weens goes absolutely bananas over this toy!

“Hello there, Gilligan!”
“Well, hello to you too, Mr. plush purple pickle pup! Pleased to eat you! Er, uh, I mean…”

Watch him dash about and get into all kinds of mischief in the below video! You won’t want to miss this! 🙂

*Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited review. Multipet has not sponsored this post nor has the author been compensated in any way. We share this information solely for the purpose of sharing Gilligan’s excitement over the product and endorsing it for the benefit of our readers. 

Yesterday, we asked you to guess what color Gilligan’s new Plush harness is. Those of you who guessed red (namely: our friends over at Love is Being Owned by a Husky! and MyDogLikes) were correct! You may have noticed it in a package in our earlier post showcasing Gilligan’s presents. But we won’t call that cheating. We’ll call it, “paying attention!” 😉


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12 thoughts on “Weens of a Feather Squeak Together

    1. Red works well for me. A lot of it has to do with my go-to nautical collar being primarily red. We always gravitate toward matching stuff (or at least the humans do; I can’t really see what this “red” color looks like, hehe).


    1. Yup, same thing with my blue squeaky blush bone! Not so much squeak anymore now, and I’ll only pick it up occasionally. Thanks for your kind compliments on the harness! 😀


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