DogsVsCats Football Game Commercial – Lucy Pet Foundation

Happy 1st week of 2015, everyone!

We’ve been talking a lot about Gilligan’s entry to appear on television during the Super Bowl this year, as part of a special contest held by the Lucy Pet Foundation.

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Here, we’re going to tell you a little more about the commercial they’re airing. This announcement will be pretty huge for pets across the U.S.

  • This commercial will change the way America looks at cats and dogs forever.
  • Lucy Pet Foundation‘s groundbreaking #DogsVsCats football game commercial airing on Super Bowl Sunday, will feature the most high-tech CGI ever done using animals, and is bound to be among the most discussed ads of the year.
  • The Director of the commercial is Sam Nicholson, one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed visual effects Wizards, known best for Heroes, 24, The Walking Dead and Star Trek I.

2 Cooper

  • The commercial will draw attention to the 80,000 pets euthanized each week in shelters across the US, due to overpopulation.
  • Lucy Pet Foundation has a multi-targeted solution to pet overpopulation:
    • Free and Low Cost Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinics across the country (eventually all free!)
    • Education
    • Grooming and training of shelter pets to make them more adoptable
    • Working to enact legislation benefitting pets, including banning gas chambers at shelter
  • Tell your friends to watch for the Lucy Pet Foundation commercial onSunday February 1, 2015, during The Kitten Bowl, on the Hallmark Channel at 12/1c.

For those of you who missed it, below again is Gilligan’s photo entered for the contest.


He is pictured against the #TeamDog logo, of course. Below are the logos of both teams.#TeamCatLogo#TeamDogLogo


This post was brought to you in an effort to raise awareness about Lucy Pet Foundation's upcoming ethical pet population campaign. Lucy Pet Foundation provided all images (other than ours of Gilligan) and information about the commercial, and will be entering our site into a drawing for a chance to win $500 towards a 501c3 rescue of our choice! If you are a blogger interested in spreading the word about this campaign, while also enjoying the chance to earn a donation for your favorite rescue, contact and request more information!
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14 thoughts on “DogsVsCats Football Game Commercial – Lucy Pet Foundation

  1. Best of luck to you but I have to be honest, there is no way I would have my dog or cat altered in a mobile clinic. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if the foundation subsidized spay/neuter surgeries at real vet clinics? I imagine that without the up keep of those vans they could take care of a lot more pets for people who can’t otherwise afford the surgery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good point. I’m not an expert in how their mobile clinics work, who is staffing them, their equipment, etc. It seems like the mobile clinics might be good to reach places where there isn’t access to good local clinic resources, but it’s really going to come down to the quality of the resources they are providing there. Not sure what the costs look like to simply subsidize existing clinics. If the mobile clinics work properly, they are effectively increasing the total number of all clinics that offer this service, which could be good. Again, I am not sure of the specifics. Their end goal seems to be to eventually provide free spay/neuter services nationwide; I would have to imagine that it would be more economical to offer to subsidize visits to existing clinics as a part of that, rather than trying to completely displace those clinics with the mobile ones. You’ve certainly got my mind cooking on the details!


      1. We had Storm spayed the summer before last. We actually took her to a repro vet. Let me tell you, that was just the BEST. She was older and had zero side effects from the spay. The vet uses the latest methods for anesthesia and for spay. So despite having to drive 1 hour 15 minutes each way and being a bit more expensive than conventional spay, it was worth it.

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