*NEWS FLASH* 71 Boston Dachshunds Saved from Inhumane Conditions

*Disclaimer: Featured image ©2015 WagsAhoy.com, depicts Gilligan in his crate, and is shown for dramatic effect. Neither Gilligan nor any other animal was harmed during the making of the above photo.

Earlier this week, it was announced that 71 dogs, mostly Dachshunds, were found abandoned in inhumane conditions, some left outside in the cold, on the property of a home in Westminster, MA, outside of Boston.

The official story can be read here at The Boston Globe’s Metro website: 71 Dachshunds rescued from Westminster home.

Obviously, this struck a chord with us here at WagsAhoy.com, so we promptly contacted the shelters who are currently preparing the rescued dogs for adoption, namely Boston’s MSPCA, and MSPCA Nevins Farm Adoption Center in Methuen, MA, to see if there was any way in which we could help.

Phone calls directly to the shelters were met with an encouraging answering machine message, specifically stating that they had experienced an extremely high volume of calls regarding the puppies, an apparent outpouring of support from the community. Just to be sure, we were lucky enough to have our friend Chris Caesar from Boston.com refer us directly to the MSPCA’s spokesperson, Rob Halpin, who quickly responded to our e-mail with great news:

At this stage we have a VERY long list of adopters and I suspect that all of these guys are going to be in new homes within three days.  We have excellent adopters (and back ups!) identified at this point, since the story has gone all the way around the world.

For the latest status on these pups and the investigation into the conditions in which they were found, visit the MSPCA’s website.

Rob will let us know if anything changes, but it sounds like these poor little weenies all have homes lined up!

Now, the MSPCA is pretty backed up at the moment, but we haven’t forgotten the point of the Tuesday’s Tails Blog Hop, which is to highlight information about a pet available for adoption in our area. So, with that we will bring you the profile of one of the MSPCA’s NON-Dachshund pups currently available for adoption, who may otherwise be getting less attention! Could yours be his forever home?

Adopt Roger

Roger’s a 12-year old male Pug! Look at his adorable two front teeth! Bet you wish you had gotten that for Christmas, huh?

Roger was a bit thin when the MSPCA Boston took him in, but is now rounding out again with good, regular feeding.


Click here or on the photo above to view PetFinder’s online adoption profile for Roger, and learn more to see whether he might be a good fit for your home.

Pet ID: A304801

Special thanks to  Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs for hosting this Tuesday’s Tails blog hop. This is the blog hop that features shelter pets. Find a pet at your local animal shelter or rescue and join us!


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9 thoughts on “*NEWS FLASH* 71 Boston Dachshunds Saved from Inhumane Conditions

    1. As Rob the spokesman said, sounds like the story traveled worldwide and people were coming out of the woodwork to help. Heartwarming response, despite the poor situation the pups were in.


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