A Short Leash for a Fit Wiener

Happy FitDog Friday!

You know, it is hard to believe it but this is actually the first FitDog Friday we have participated in since the beginning of 2015! Ironically, true to the theme of “Get Fit with Your Pet Month,” we’ve been staying really active since the new year has kicked off, so we’re certainly excited to report back in today!

Mama and Papa are both participating in a paleolithic diet challenge, as well as some physical fitness challenges throughout the month. This has meant going out every day with Gilligan, and actually on at least as many runs as walks! Our host SlimDoggy shares great information on running with your dog, including on today’s post.

As today’s title suggests, we’ll be showing you a “short leash” technique designed to help Gilligan obtain a higher level of walking etiquette over time, as well as to help better manage some of the behaviors that need correction, such as Gilligan’s tendency to be distracted by emerging strangers and [especially] other dogs on the scene when out for a walk or a run. Check out the technique below!


Another tactic in Gilligan’s training lately has involved walking him in to the middle of the local town center, where there are typically a lot of people walking around, as well as the occasional dog or two. This is meant as a sort of “exposure therapy” to help deal with some of the social challenges Gilligan struggles with. The short leash technique has come in handy here too, as it makes keeping Gilly at bay very easy, which is especially important if he starts displaying discomfort or barking towards anyone during this exercise.


As we’ve shared with you recently, the use of broccoli as a low value/high frequency treat has worked wonders on Gilly’s progress as well. We highly recommend it!



On a bit of a random note, we are especially hopeful about this weekend because there is, finally, some substantial snow in the forecast for tomorrow! If you’ve tuned in for a few of our recent posts, you’ll note that we’ve made some observations about how the weather this year has been weirdly warm for this area of New England. We’ve heard from a lot of you who have noted that this year has been a “warm one” for you as well, despite short spells of chilling winds that a lot of us in North America have gotten. Anyhoo, Gilly’s paws are crossed in hopes that we’ll soon have some fresh photos and video to show you of some upcoming snow adventures!

We’ll also soon be publishing our official review of the lovely Plush Dachshund Harness that you’ve seen Gilligan wearing in this and other posts, so tune in and tell a dachshund lover you know. They won’t want to miss out!

Until then! 😀


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27 thoughts on “A Short Leash for a Fit Wiener

    1. Thanks, Slim! We had more footage, but found it was a little hazardous trying to manage the handheld along with the running and leash technique all at once, and as you mention, safety needs to be first! We may need to invest in one of those GoPro camera set-ups.


  1. Mom agrees that a short leash is best for training or areas with a lot going on like cities. Glad you are out a lot. We are too since it is our favorite time of year, only wish it was colder and we had more snow, but it beats summer any time for us the way it is. Thanks for joining the hop.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I know what THAT’S about. I’d say that what I “prefer” resembles the same, as opposed to what our Editor puts forth in the posts, BOL. Thanks for swinging by today, and keep Parading! *wags*


    1. I am looking at the Plush Harness site, and apparently they are not typically marketed by the brand as being dachshund-specific, so I believe the answer is definitely yes. That said, my friends at WhatsUpDox.com offer a lower price than you’ll find normally (everything about us doxies is “lower,” huh? BOL), so I’m going to need to see if this has anything to do with any difference of the harness I got, or if WUD just has a special distribution deal that lets them offer it for less. Thanks so much for the question! I will be able to offer an answer in more detail within the official product review, so make sure to drop in for that. Have a great weekend, my great and powerful furiend! *wags*


  2. Snow is in our forecast tomorrow can’t wait! I was terrible learning to walk on a leash, I pull really bad and just follow my nose. Mom makes me wear a pinch collar because she says its the safest for me. Good luck! Love Dolly

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is a really good idea with the leash, I might give that a try. Did you get the snow? We are just north of where the storm hit, and only got a dusting! But they say we’re all going to get hit very hard starting tomorrow night….I think the snow might be over Gilly’s head!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Indeed we did! The snow accumulated about 6 inches or so before turning to some light rain and since pretty much melting in the sun. We’ve got some footage and photos to share that’ll show you how I did with the snow. As an overview: it wasn’t my favorite! That said, I am nervous about the upcoming storm Monday-Tuesday; the words “record-breaking blizzard blanketing New York” are out there, and the Boston forecast on Accuweather shows snow starting Monday at 7pm and continuing through Tuesday at 11pm!!! That’s 28hrs of snow, straight! Starting to think we may have jinxed it with all our whining about “where’s the snow?” :/ Stay warm, guys!


  4. I wouldn’t have thought of giving broccoli. How’s the Paleo diet? Does it apply to you, too? Our humans have had to go Gluten free and have been learning about Paleo as well. Love dairy, though, they’re not giving that up and I’m glad! Best of luck and glad you’re staying active ~Rascal and Rocco

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, broccoli is fantastic, AND based on what others have told us we are anxious to try kale and green beans as well. I won’t touch spinach even if you drop it. I technically eat a paleo diet because my food is a grain free kibble with chicken and sweet potato ingredients, and my treats are usually broccoli or small pieces of meat (more rare). It’s hard for me to say how much of a difference it makes since this is kinda always what they’ve given me, but my humans believe pretty strongly in the scientific reasons behind the paleo diet, so we all go for it (they are tempted by dairy as well, though).


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