Wiener in the Trenches – A Snowy Stalemate

We’re back for FitDog Friday!

You’ve heard the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, this feels particularly appropriate to describe the events of this past week here in the Boston area. If you’ve been following some of our earlier posts, you’ll recall that we’ve pretty much been begging for snow this season. And, well, it seems that Mother Nature was listening: We received about 3 feet of snow this past Tuesday.

Today, we’re going to show you Gilligan’s initial reactions to the snow, as well as what happened on the first attempt to take a walk among the walls of snow that are the aftermath of the storm.

1. Initial Reactions

We really hoped to be able to bring you some extremely cute footage of Gilligan romping around in the snow and having a grand old time. Unfortunately, while you might be able to find some great videos of other dogs out there playing in the snow and just loving it… Gilly’s just not that kind of weenie. As we revealed early on in our blog, Gilligan is a “landlubber” who just doesn’t like to get wet. Add this to his dislike of the cold, and the equation adds up to the following reaction from Gilligan to a snow storm of this magnitude:

As a pup who was born in Alabama and raised in Virginia, Gilligan’s roots shine through with his reaction to a good old fashioned Boston blizzard! He could even overhear his Papa talking with their neighbor about moving down to Virginia while both humans were out for a several-hour snow shoveling shift!

2. Walking in the The Aftermath

Gilly wasn’t to keen on being out in the snow, but what you saw in the above video didn’t even represent half of the snow that piled up! In trying to get Gilligan out for a walk after being snowed in for a solid two days, his reaction still managed to be less than enthusiastic, even with all the precautions taken:

SONY DSCFirst things first, Papa needed to make an executive decision not to dress Gilligan in his sweater for this snowy walk. While the sweater is perfect for keeping warm in the cold, it tends to collect moisture on the underbelly where Gilly tends to “ride low,” so isn’t the best when there are puddles or high walls of snow. Plus it was dirty.


Instead, he equipped Gilligan with a 3-layer coat of water-resistant armor consisting of a Thunder Shirt…


…then his Plush Air Mesh Harness


…and finally his water-resistant puffy coat.


This “triple threat” of armor aside, our favorite weenie had some clear hesitations, even as soon as getting to the driveway of the house…


This portrait will give you a sense of the sheet size of the snow piles from shoveling.


As soon as they reached the sidewalk, Gilly found his favorite familiar path had been transformed into an odd network of trenches…


After getting about a block up the street, Gilligan put the brakes on and refused to continue.


“Ok, this isn’t my thing… please pick me up and take me home!”
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25 thoughts on “Wiener in the Trenches – A Snowy Stalemate

  1. I saw snow for the first time yesterday, NOT on your scale I hasten to add, we only had a few flakes, I’m not surprised you wanted to call it a day and get back indoors !!! the photos are pretty spectacular though *Sleepy Yawn* Oscar xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Where is your hat? Didn’t your mom tell you to always wear a hat in the winter 😉 We are jealous of all your snow. Usually we have trenches, but not this year. Enjoy a bit for us and thanks for joining the hop. Didn’t realize you live in Boston. Mom loves Boston, was based there for a few years back when she was a flight attendant. Great town she says!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Gilly! I am surprised you were able to move after all of that doggie clothing! It reminded me of that movie The Christmas Story where the Mom bundled up Randy for school and he “could not put his arms down”. Nikita and Bella love the snow, but the cold temps Bella always wants to run back inside. Stay warm Gilly!

    Your snow looks like all the piles we have around here! Just read this morning that we have yet another winter storm coming in tonight thru Monday. That means more shoveling!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t believe you got all that, and now have even more coming! Yikes, poor Gilly! I love how you bundled him up though. Now our Luke was born in Alabama as well, and even though he doesn’t mind the snow, he is not liking the deep cold very much! We got him a sweatshirt which helps (and repels that snow on the belly), and we’ve also now ordered him a fleece jacket!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Watching Mya walk around, I know one thing about dachshunds – their belly gets the brunt of all weather! It’s no wonder Gilly doesn’t want to go out in that. Can you imagine ice touching YOUR belly?!?!!? He told me to tell you he needs a belly protector 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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