Awakening the Hibernating Park

Today’s Wordless Wednesday’s theme is “Pets Gone Wild!” Since we won’t be doing a very good job of being “Wordless” today, we’ll at least do this theme justice by once again featuring perhaps the wildest photo of Gilligan ever taken, which we showed you in a post entitled Drink of Choice: Puptrón.

Behold! Weenzilla!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.53.24 PM

And now for our feature story. 🙂

The Thaw Continues

We’ve been celebrating the onset of the Spring thaw after what was a record-breaking blizzard season for us here in the Boston area. As the snow has gradually melted, we’ve been showing you that Gilligan has been able to gradually go for walkies again without being defeated by the cold and ice.

Now, we celebrate another baby step: getting back to the park!

You’ll notice we say “to the park,” and not “in the park.” That’s because the park itself, despite some significant thawing, is not yet accessible; only the walkways around the park have thawed sufficiently for us to navigate.

Today’s post will show that after the intense winter we had, the thawing of the park is a bit of a process, which we will compare to the slow awakening of a hibernating giant.

Compare our photo from the first frost, to this week’s photo of the same patch of pathway around the river:



The photo to the left shows another angle of the riverside area where Gilly was situated in the first photo.

In case it isn’t clear enough: Gilligan can’t even stand where he was standing in the first photo anymore!

And so we must be content to walk around the park, until it thaws sufficiently. For another enlightening comparison, let’s look at a photo we took of the basketball court area of the park when it was too wet to navigate a few months back (before the snow), as compared to the utterly snow-locked state of things this week:


After! Look at the little BENCH off to the right, by the base of that tree! Crazy, huh?

We’ll leave you with one last (and certainly NOT least) photo showcasing how ridiculous the snow coverage at the park remains. Good luck trying to open the gate and get into the court for a round of tennis!


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13 thoughts on “Awakening the Hibernating Park

  1. Oh Gilly, we feel your pain of snow mounds too! The mounds in the park across the street from us are so high that we can’t even get to the paths yet. We can only walk up to the park and walk around in the parking lot right now. The thaw is happening, but slowly, and we can’t wait for our normal walkies again soon!

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  2. We still have a ways to go too! Let’s hope for far more warmer weather and sunshine soon. It’s been snowing here today, but hasn’t really amounted to much. I imagine you just got rain, so hope it washed some more of your snow away!


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