An Unfair Fight

Today, April 8th, is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.

Just a few brief words about Gilligan on this day, then we’re going to share a couple of things you can do today as a pet parent to help the cause of raising awareness to end the practice of dog fighting.

Looks Can be Deceiving

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As much as Gilligan is in many ways the little angel he appears to be, when it comes to meeting and greeting other dogs, he can be a bit of a terror. He often exhibits a fighting/ aggressive response to the anxiety of being introduced to a new dog.

If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, make sure to always safeguard against potential incidents by using a muzzle (we use the following for Gilligan: Baskerville 5-Inch Rubber Ultra Muzzle, Size-1, Black). You may want to work with a behaviorist who can help with counter-training the aggressive behavior.

What You Can Do

The above aside, putting dogs in mortal danger by pitting them against one another for sport is just plain wrong! If you would like to take up the fight against dog fighting, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Ask the Department of Justice to #GetTough on dog fighters by creating harsher sentencing guidelines. Simply fill this quick form out and let the the DOJ know that you support prosecution of this horrific form of cruelty:
  2. Download a #GetTough on dog fighting toolkit kit which includes a printable sign, Facebook & Twitter cover image, and digital shareables:
  3. Visit the ASPCA’s Fight Cruelty section to find out more about the ASPCA’s work to end dog fighting. Read about recent dog fighting raids and rescues, as well as facts about pit bull cruelty and breed specific legislation:
  4. Take a photo of your dog with the digital poster you can print then share it on social media.

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